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  1. Agrestina was founded in 1884 so Bebedouro, and became a district of Altinho in 1911.
  2. The hillock called Altinho houses some major central government offices and the residences of prominent officials and politicians.
  3. Then came the experienced Josivaldo Leite, Waldir do Acorde鉶, who had already played with names like Oswaldinho do Acorde鉶 and Jorge de Altinho.
  4. Initially the Commission functioned from the premises provided by the Goa Public Service Commission, while hearings were held at the State Guest House at Altinho, Panaji.
  5. Although Altinho is a residential area, it is a home to Panaji's All India Radio station ( whose precursor was the famed Emissora de Goa radio station of Portuguese times ).


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