alveolar membraneの例文


  1. The alveolar membrane is the gas-exchange surface.
  2. Thus will have a high diffusion out and O2 will have a low diffusion through the alveolar membranes and into the blood.
  3. The motile stages of both genera have a pair of anterior orthogonal flagella, vesicular mitochondrial cristae, inner alveolar membranes and micropores.
  4. A three-layered pellicle lies beneath the plasma membrane and is otherwise composed of the alveolar membranes and widely separated microtubules that arise subapically.
  5. Kolobow, T ., and Bowman, R . L ., " Construction and Evaluation of an Alveolar Membrane Artificial Heart-Lung ", Transactions of the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, 9 ( 1963 ), 238-241.


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