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  1. Because of its classical Hellenistic style, the ruins of California, United States has been called the " American Acropolis ".
  2. Along with Richard Meier's Getty Museum, sitting atop a hill overlooking Los Angeles like an American Acropolis, Bilbao became a point of pilgrimage.
  3. But about a decade ago, it became clear that the site that former Gov . Pete Wilson of California called the American Acropolis could not survive without a major effort.
  4. Vergara wrote, " as a call for renewal, as a place within our national memory, a dozen city blocks of pre-Depression skyscrapers be stabilized and left standing as ruins : an American Acropolis.
  5. In 1995, Vergara made a controversial proposal that 12 square blocks of downtown Detroit be declared a " skyscraper ruins park, " an " American acropolis, " for the preservation and study of the deteriorating and empty skyscrapers:


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