amphibian vehicleの例文


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  1. After returning to the states in July 1991, Corporal LeHew transferred to Company C for service as an Assault Amphibian Vehicle Crew Chief.
  2. Gibbs, a New Zealand entrepreneur, built his first fast amphibian vehicle in 1995, before moving his company to Britain in 1999 . _ __
  3. He invented a special screw which can withstand all kinds of motion and vibration, a corrugated plastic roofing assembly; a cigarette filter and an amphibian vehicle.
  4. Hours later, the Marines got back onto their crowded AAV-7A1 Assault Amphibian Vehicle for a ride a few kilometers ( miles ) north to relieved another Marine unit at a key intersection.
  5. The Marines asked for the EFV to be canceled in favor of the Assault Amphibian Vehicle Service Life Extension Program and the Marine Personnel Carrier, which itself became phase one of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle.


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