an actual exampleの例文


  1. let's look at an actual example .
  2. since these two copies are designated as national treasures , everyone can see an actual example of kasho in tang
  3. manjiro nakahama , also known as john mung , who was wrecked on the deserted island of torishima (now hachijo sub-prefecture , belonging to the tokyo metropolitan government bureau of general affairs ) with his friends when he was fishing off the coast of kochi , were rescued by an american who had been whaling in the waters close to japan--this serves as an actual example of american whaling .
    実際にアメリカが、日本近海で捕鯨を目的とした操業を行っていた例として、ジョン・マンこと中濱万次郎は、高知沖で、遭難し無人島の鳥島 (八丈支庁)に仲間といたところ、アメリカの捕鯨船に救助された。
  4. there is some doubt academically whether yamatouji is baekje muryeong-wang ' s descendant or not; it was an actual example that the emperor ' s remark has a strong political message , knowing that the korea mass media paid great attention to such words from the emperor , referring to the history more than a thousand years ago , and even the former president dae-jung [daejung , dae jung ] kim mentioned this in the interview .


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