an officer of rankの例文


  1. An officer of rank and distinction shall be sent from each army respectively to guarantee the execution of this convention.
  2. Shortly after, Olympius, " an officer of rank in the court-guards " attempted to convince Honorius that Stilicho was in fact conspiring to depose Theodosius II, to replace him with Eucherius.
  3. In his book " History of Ireland " ( 1758 62 ) Abb?James MacGeoghegan of the Irish College in Paris wrote of the house of the O'Neills that " the present representative is Felix O'Neill, the chief of the house of the Fews, and an officer of rank in the service of his Catholic Majesty ".
  4. "Stilicho, being in these circumstances, although he was not conscious of any ill intention either against the emperor or the soldiers, Olympius, a native of the vicinity of the Euxine Sea, and an officer of rank in the court-guards, concealed under the disguise of the Christian religion the most atrocious designs in his heart.
  5. In short, I'm so great a man that I'm very " in and out " everywhere to the great annoyance of my pocket and distress of my feelings . " Berry's account of the Battle, titled " Authentic Narrative of the proceedings of his Majesty's squadron under the command of the Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson . . . drawn up from the minutes of an officer of rank in the squadron " was subsequently published in " The Sun " and " The True Briton " newspapers, and became a bestseller in pamphlet form.


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