an official visitの例文


  1. in july 1889 , he made an official visit to western countries
  2. it's customary for an official visit .
  3. when britain ' s queen elizabeth ii made an official visit to japan in 1975 , she made a request to visit the rock garden .
    イギリスのエリザベス2世 (イギリス女王)が1975年に日本を公式訪問した際、石庭の見学を希望。
  4. during an official visit to japan , turkish president abdullah gül visited the site of the disaster for the first time as the president of his country .
  5. later , in the interview held ahead of an official visit to europe in 2007 , reminiscing about the coronation , he made remarks expressing his appreciation to those countries that paid deference to him considering the heavy role as the proxy .


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