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  1. Note to readers : The following is an OJ-free column.
  2. "I wasn't in an OJ mood, " he said.
  3. TV-SWEEPS _ Wrapup of what's coming in November sweeps : An OJ miniseries, another on the Book of Genesis, Mulder's replacement on " X-Files " and more.
  4. *1934  Fank Akers made a hooded landing in an OJ-2 at College Park, Maryland, in the first demonstration of the blind landing system intended for carrier use and under development by the Washington Institute of Technology.
  5. "Glowing, toned-down glamor, strong accent on botanical motifs, " describe the house . Some recent visitors said the Getty House has taken away the mixed feelings of an OJ-weary citizenry ( referring to the case of O . J Simpson ).


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