analysis of salesの例文


  1. In fact, that's exactly what an analysis of sales shows.
  2. The agent then conducts an analysis of sales of similar homes in the area to give the seller an idea of the appropriate price range.
  3. According to The New York Times analysis of sales nationwide, it is a steady seller, ranking about No . 10 in the Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous category.
  4. In essence, Plaintiff has concocted an idea that Lilly should have used an unprecedented and unreliable method _ analysis of sales data _ to detect an unprecedented crime.
  5. The median residential property value is in excess of $ 155, 000 ( 2004 data ) and an analysis of sales in 2009-2010 indicates that homes are selling in the range of $ 160, 000 to $ 210, 000.


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