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  1. Analysis of stomach contents suggests that pygmy sperm whales feed primarily on cephalopods, most commonly including ommastrephid squid, although the whales also consume other squid, and octopuses.
  2. An analysis of stomach contents showed that long-beaked dolphins eat quite a bit more squid than short-beaked dolphins, which prefer small schooling fish such as anchovies.
  3. Analysis of stomach contents of El Caimito specimens indicates that the species is an omnivore, with a diet including crustaceans, insects, plant seeds, and other plant material.
  4. Analysis of stomach contents suggests that the red-faced cormorant is mainly a bottom feeder, taking river otters may attempt to take them, as will corvids of various species, bald eagles and golden eagles.
  5. Domestic dog deaths due to the cyanotoxin, as determined by analysis of stomach contents, have been observed at the lower North Island in New Zealand in 2005, in eastern France in 2003, in California of the United States in 2002 and 2006, in Scotland in 1992, and in Ireland in 1997 and 2005.


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