analysis of the crime sceneの例文


  1. Analysis of the crime scene concluded that the family had been murdered on December 30, after which the killer stayed in the house for several hours.
  2. Further forensic analysis of the crime scene confirmed that the blood found on the Knippers'bathroom window curtain matched Williams'blood type, a blood type very rare among blacks.
  3. They interview the office genetics counselor and an angry patient who claims the doctor performed an abortion on his wife, but an analysis of the crime scene suggests a different scenario.
  4. The true identity and aims of the militants who kidnapped Dubs is uncertain, and the crime " has never been satisfactorily explained " although " American, Afghan, and Soviet officials . . . were all but eyewitnesses " to it . and " still clouded . " Multiple factors obscured the events of February 14, 1979 : " the execution of surviving captors, prevention of forensic analysis of the crime scene, blocking of access to American investigators, and planting of evidence.


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