analysis of the personality of adolph hitlerの例文


  1. In 1943 Murray helped complete " Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler ", commissioned by OSS boss Princess Stephanie von Hohenlohe, Gregor Strasser, Friedelinde Wagner, and Kurt Ludecke.
  2. The report is one of two psychoanalytic reports prepared for the OSS during the war in an attempt to assess Hitler's personality; the other is " Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler " by the psychologist Henry A . Murray who also contributed to Langer's report.
  3. American files show that during her interrogation by the OSS she provided insights into the character of Adolf Hitler, which were used by Henry A . Murray, Director of the Dr . Walter C . Langer, in preparing the 1943 OSS report entitled " Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler ".
  4. Like Walter C . Langer, Murray wrote his report, " Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler ", on behalf of the OSS . He came to the conclusion that Hitler, next to hysterical signs, showed all the classic symptoms of schizophrenia : hypersensitivity, panic attacks, irrational jealousy, paranoia, omnipotence fantasies, delusions of grandeur, belief in a messianic mission, and extreme paranoia.
  5. A somewhat similar quote  " never to admit a fault or wrong; never to accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time; blame that enemy for everything that goes wrong; take advantage of every opportunity to raise a political whirlwind "  appears on page 219 in a different report also available from the US National Archive, namely, " Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler : With Predictions of His Future Behaviour and Suggestions for Dealing with Him Now and After Germany's Surrender, " by Henry A . Murray, October 1943 though Murray's work is neither referenced in Langer's ebook nor in the " Hitler's Source-Book " compiled by Langer and upon which his ebook heavily depends.


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