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  1. saibara is a style of ancient music .
  2. as for the music for a japanese drum performance , while some are based upon ancient music , there is also newly composed music in recent years .
  3. therefore , the term " ongyoku " often excludes ancient music and such religious music as gagaku (ancient japanese court dance and music ) and syomyo (chanting of buddhist hymns ).
  4. as for the categories of numbers , international names including togaku , komagaku and rinyugaku (music of champa ) have been brought over , and the elements of japanese ancient music before the introduction of the music from the continent were included .
  5. wagon is also played by itako (the japanese shaman ) of osore-zan mountain in the ceremony of necromancy , and this music is believed to be the oldest existing japanese ancient music (provided that a small minority of itako use wagon and azusayumi - a bow made of japanese cherry birch - is generally used by other itako ).


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