ancient nemeaの例文


  1. It is located a few kilometres west of ancient Nemea, with a population of under four thousand people.
  2. A few months ago about 25 residents of Ancient Nemea and Nea Nemea, a nearby town of 6, 500, formed the Society for the Revival of the Nemean Games.
  3. But in 1995, citizens of the village of Ancient Nemea established a society to revive the games in a manner very different from the modern Olympics with their commercialization and competitive stress.
  4. Professor Stephen G . Miller and his students have been excavating Ancient Nemea on a 45-acre site since 1973, uncovering the stadium and track, a locker room and graffiti-covered tunnel linking the two.
  5. Payton Jordan, " 79 going on 80, " raced down the track Saturday in a short white tunic and bare feet to win the first official sprint held in the stadium of ancient Nemea in about 2, 300 years.


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