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  1. Before leaving Beto, King had switched his religious affiliation from Baptist to Odinism, an ancient Nordic doctrine based on white superiority.
  2. The word'Mannvit'is an ancient Nordic word, from the Icelandic Sagas meaning Wisdom ( literally man-wits ).
  3. Often considered the purest remnants of ancient Nordic genetics, Icelanders trace 75 80 % of their patrilineal ancestry to Scandinavia and 20 25 % to Scotland and Ireland.
  4. It was in this material that Christensen came across the " Call of Our Ancient Nordic Religion ", a pamphlet authored by the Australian Odinist Alexander Rud Mills.
  5. When nerdy bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss puts on an ancient Nordic mask, he turns into a hurtling hybrid, a Carreytoon whose propulsive protoplasm can attain any shape and any speed.


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