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  1. Defendant Angel Raich used homegrown medical marijuana, which was legal under California law but illegal under federal law.
  2. The Justice Department would not comment on whether it would seek to prosecute plaintiffs Angel Raich, 37, or Diane Monson, 44.
  3. Barnett was representing Angel Raich and Diane Monson, Californians who have been prescribed marijuana for their pain but cannot use it due to the federal law.
  4. Angel Raich of Oakland, Calif ., smokes marijuana every two hours as prescribed by her doctor to dull the pain of an inoperable brain tumor and other ailments, including seizures and wasting syndrome.
  5. "My goodness, this is so incredible, " said California cancer patient Angel Raich, who smokes medical marijuana with a doctor's recommendation every two hours that she is awake.


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