angle at the centerの例文


  1. I need to know the placement of lines IJ and KL . I don't believe lines IJ and KL will intersect with one another at a 90 degree angle at the center.
  2. You also know that a pie-wedge taken out of that circle has an arc that's the same fraction of the circumpherence as the angle at the center is a fraction of 360 degrees.
  3. Here,,, and are the angles at the center of the sphere subtended by the three arcs of the spherical surface triangle,, and, respectively .,, and are the surface angles opposite their respective arcs.
  4. The angle at the center of " Q " subtended by the radius to ( 0, " y " ) is also " & phi; " because the two angles have sides that are perpendicular, left side to left side, and right side to right side.


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