angle bladeの例文


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  1. A desk fan, on the other hand has fat, more steeply angled blades.
  2. Expert camera work would show the heavy, angled blade race down toward the condemned person's neck.
  3. Some cameras, such as the Olympus XA or lenses such as the MC Zenitar-ME1, however, use a two-bladed diaphragm with right-angle blades creating a square aperture.
  4. The most common " weapon " used in a sumobot competition is an angled blade at the front of the robot, usually tilted at about a 45-degree angle towards the back of the robot.
  5. In addition, mechanical protection such as solar shading with angle blades operating like shelf lights prevent the glare effect due to the direct sunshine by reflecting the light onto the ceiling and thus enhancing daylighting.


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