angle blockの例文


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  1. They can only be done by hand scraping if both a reference flat surface " and " a reference angle block is avalailable.
  2. It has tapered cylindrical wooden legs with gold ferrules at the foot that mount to angled blocks on the underside of the case.
  3. A few years later, Lie-Nielsen moved into a workshop on the farm, and started production on his second plane, the skew-angle block plane.
  4. After the bodies had hung for half an hour, they were lowered one at a time and an unidentified individual in a black mask decapitated them against an angled block with a small knife.
  5. The hotel, which has a hipped corrugated iron roof concealed by a string coursed parapet, is built to the property boundary of an acute angled block, giving it a V-shaped plan, truncated at the corner.


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