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  1. It has many four-angled branches with linear or lance-shaped leaves each 1 to 3 centimeters long.
  2. "The eagle landed in a tree, and stood on an angled branch looking down at the duck, " said Hjartoey.
  3. Babette Holland, a home furnishings designer in TriBeCa, named her menorah, with an industrial feel to its angled branches, for her grandfather.
  4. Work began to fix incorrect pruning techniques-- removing co-dominant leaders, discontinuing " hat racking " and " lion's tailing, " eliminating narrow-angled branches-- of the remaining trees.
  5. They excavate their nests in the earth nests of the arboreal termites of the genus " Nasutitermes ", the termites fix their nests to a liana or vine or angled branch at about 4-5m above the forest floor.


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