angle closure glaucomaの例文


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  1. The anterior chambers deeper than 2.5 mm have a low risk to develop primary angle closure glaucoma.
  2. It is anterior subcapsular or capsular opacity of the lens associated with focal epithelial infarct from past acute angle closure glaucoma.
  3. Nd : YAG laser peripheral iridotomy ( LPI ) may be used in patients susceptible to or affected by angle closure glaucoma or pigment dispersion syndrome.
  4. "' Primary angle closure glaucoma "'is caused by contact between the iris and trabecular meshwork, which in turn obstructs outflow of the aqueous humor from the eye.
  5. It said Mrs . Marcos, 68, " suffers from a rare and serious form " of glaucoma called " normal tension glaucoma " and also " angle closure glaucoma ."


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