annie jacksonの例文


  1. Perhaps no one is more saddened than Annie Jackson, the aunt who raised him after his mother, Myrtis Williams, died of cancer.
  2. In his letter, Martinez said investigators found that staff member Annie Jackson, math teacher James McNear and Clinton Blount were involved in the abuse of as many as 12 youngsters.
  3. He attended the Greater King David Baptist Church with his family and went to Sunday school, according to his aunt Annie Jackson, a schoolteacher who said she helped raise him.
  4. Annie Jackson-Camden ( played by Catherine Hicks ) is the wife of Eric and mother of Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam, and David.
  5. In late 1987, Phillips sang backup vocals on Belinda Carlisle's number one hit, " Heaven Is a Place on Earth ", as well as on the Carlisle LP, " 7th Heaven " as Lily Jackson, sister of family matriarch Annie Jackson Camden ( Catherine Hicks ).


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