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  1. And don't miss Annie Kennedy's Exploding Poodle.
  2. Annie Kennedy married John Bidwell on April 16, 1868 in Washington, D . C . Their wedding guests included Elizabeth Cady Stanton, then President Andrew Johnson and future President Ulysses S . Grant.
  3. But Samantha Lang's flat, paceless direction and Annie Kennedy's painfully expository script ( adapted from " a novel in poetry " by Dorothy Porter ) makes the conceit seem preposterous.
  4. "' Annie Kennedy Bidwell "'( 1839 1918 ), with her husband John Bidwell, was a pioneer and founder of society in the Sacramento Valley area of California in the 19th century.
  5. Directed by Samantha Lang; written by Annie Kennedy, based on a novel in poetry by Dorothy Porter; director of photography, Garry Philips; edited by Dany Cooper; production designer, Michael Philips; produced by Robert Connolly and John Maynard; released by Strand Releasing.


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