annie kevansの例文


  1. The winner of the " Further Education " category won a two night stay in London and the opportunity to spend a day with Annie Kevans.
  2. studio1.1 exhibits a diverse range of contemporary artists at all stages of their careers, and has shown artists such as Phyllida Barlow, Cees Krijnen, Julie Umerle, Annie Kevans and Giorgio Sadotti.
  3. The Contemporary team have embraced the nineteenth and twentieth century heritage of the gallery and increased cross-cultural links, particularly in Asia, Australia and the US . Among the artists shown are Chris Levine, Angela Palmer, Annie Kevans, Jacky Tsai and Bartholomew Beal.
  4. Jean Paul Gaultier said  I am impressed by the way Annie Kevans captured the different types of beauties that have been my inspiration and my muses from my grandmother to artists like David Bowie and Boy George .  On Kevans new series, Loriot said :  Annie Kevans work caught my attention years ago when I saw her fantastic oil paintings  All The Presidents Girls at Volta in New York.


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