anode copperの例文


  1. As in all mining operations, the ore must usually be refined to produce anode copper.
  2. The smelter produces both anode copper-- which is later sent to Kennecott's refinery to convert it into copper cathode-- and matte copper, which has a lower purity.
  3. The ultimate constraint was the decision during its construction to keep one of the two reverberatory furnaces on line to increase the copper smelter production to 265, 000 t / y of anode copper.
  4. As a result, by late 2001 it had achieve a peak rate of 190 t / h of concentrate, and the smelter produced a peak annual total of 240, 000 t of anode copper.
  5. Care must be taken to avoid removing too much of the oxygen from the anode copper, as this will cause other impurities to change from their oxide to metallic states and they will remain in solid solution in the copper, reduce its conductivity and change its physical properties.


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