anode furnacesの例文


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  1. The blister copper goes to six anode furnaces which feed three anode casting wheels.
  2. This is equipped with two Teniente converters with slag furnaces, three Pierce Smith converters and six anode furnaces feeding two anode and one fire refined casting wheels.
  3. This changed in June 1979, when two 320 tonne capacity rotary " anode furnaces " and a Mitsui-design anode casting wheel were commissioned in the Mount Isa smelter.
  4. The plant consists of a Teniente converter with electric furnace slag cleaning, three Pierce Smith converters, a rotary anode furnace and two reverbatory refining furnaces and two anode casting wheels.
  5. The move to end exporting cold blister copper from the Mount Isa smelter resulted in substantial energy savings, because the anode furnaces received molten blister copper from the converters, meaning that cold blister copper did not have to be reheated and melted before being cast into anodes for electrolytic refining.


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