anode glowの例文


  1. It has both a negative glow line and an anode glow line . ( Chetvorno, own work, Public domain .)
  2. When the receiver is switched on but not tuned to a station, the target-anode glows green due to electrons striking it, with the exception of the area by the internal control-electrode.
  3. "To the contrary ", a number of electrical engineers and plasma physicists ( Wallace Thornhill, Ralph Juergens, Donald Scott and a number of others ) are strong supporters ( in fact are or have been its main proponents and commentators, specifically because their observations in the lab appeared to strongly correlate with observed stellar phenomena; anode glow and the sun, arc discharges and lightning, arc discharges and spherule generation in EDM in the lab ) and have made quantitative and qualitative specific scientific predictions, which appear to better fit the actual data from subsequent observation than other contemporary interpretations.


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