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  1. Upjohn has recently been hurt by the expiration of patents on its key drugs, including Xanax, an antianxiety drug; Halcion, a sleeping pill; and Ansaid, a painkiller.
  2. Patents on many of its major prescription drugs _ such as the anxiety drug Xanax, the sedative Halcion, and Ansaid, a painkiller _ have expired, prompting competition from cheaper generic copies.
  3. The company was hoping that marketing the drug for head injuries would rescue its profits, hurt by the expiration of patents on Xanax, an antianxiety drug; Halcion, a sleeping pill; and Ansaid, a painkiller.
  4. Doctors there said the ulcer had been caused by complications of Ansaid, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug made by Upjohn Co . of Kalamazoo, Mich . It is one of 25 NSAIDs approved for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration.
  5. As of 2016 the drug was available worldwide as drops for ophthalmic use and as tablets, both in various strengths, under many brand names which include : Acustop Cataplasma, Adofeed, Anazin, Anflupin, Anorcid, Ansaid, Antadys, Antafen, Antipain, Baenazin, Benactiv, Biprofin, Biprotec, Bro-Z, Brufen, Brufoz, Cebutid, Clinadol, Coryfin, Dispain, Edolfene, Eyeflur, Falken, Fiera, Flu Ro Fen, Flubifix, Flufen, Flugalin, Flupe, Flur di fen, Fluractive, Fluran, Flurbi Pap, Flurbic, Flurbiprofen, Flurbiprof鑞e, Flurbiprofeno, Flurflex, Flurofen, Fluroptic, Fo Bi Pu Luo Fun, Forphen, Fortine, Froben, Frolix, Fubifen, Fubiprofen, Fubofen, Fukon, Fulruban, Furofen, Kai Fen, Kavoflog, Kotton, Lefenine, Majezik, Maprofen, Maxaljin, Maximus, Meiprofen, Neliacan, Nibelon, Nirolex Gola, Ocufen, Ocuflur, Optifen, Orofaringeo, Painil, Profen, Projezik, Ropion, Sigmaprofen, Stayban, Strefen, Strepfen, Strepflam, Strepsils ( various formulations ), Sulan, Tie Shr Shu, TransAct, Upnon, Urbifen, Yakuban, Zepolas, Zeralgo, Zero-P, and Zeton.


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