anund uppsaleの例文


  1. One of these accounts is the description of how a renegade Swedish king, Anund Uppsale, first brings a Danish fleet to Birka, but then changes his mind and asks the Danes to " draw lots ".
  2. The sources only seem to mention the details when there was civil war ( Bj鰎n at Hauge and Anund Uppsale ) or problems of succession ( Eric the Victorious, Olof ( II ) Bj鰎nsson and Styrbj鰎n Starke ).
  3. "' Anund Uppsale "'or "'Anoundus "','Anund of Uppsala', ( Old Norse : " 謓undr Uppsali " ), a son of Erik Bj鰎nsson of the House of Muns? ruled Sweden together with his brother Bj鰎n at Haugi, according to Rimbert and Hervarar saga ( he and Bj鰎n are also mentioned by Adam of Bremen ).
  4. According to " Hervarar saga ", he was preceded by his father Anund Uppsale and uncle Bj鰎n at Hauge and he was succeeded by Bj鰎n ( the father of Eric the Victorious and Olof Bj鰎nsson ) . " Landn醡ab髃 " informs that Eric and his son Bj鰎n ruled during the time of the Pope Adrian II and Pope John VIII, i . e . in the period 867-883, the time of the first settlement of Iceland . " Harald Fairhair's saga " relates that Erik died when Harald Fairhair had been king of all Norway for ten years, i . e . 882.
  5. A confirmation on the historicity of king Bj鰎n at Haugi is found in Rimbert's ( d . 888 ) " Vita Ansgarii ", where he talks of a king Bj鰎n ( " rex Bern " ) and says on Ansgar's voyage in 827 : " Tandem ad " portum regni " ipsorum, qui Byrca dicitur, pervenerunt, ubi benigne a rege, qui Bern vocabatur, suscepti sunt " . and this as early as Langebek During Ansgar's visits there was also a Swedish king Anund who had been exiled but returned with Danish help, and this Anoundus has been identified the same as Bj鰎n's brother Anund Uppsale, who is mentioned in " Hervarar saga ".


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