1. His father is unknown, but it may have been Erik Anundsson.
  2. In the late 9th century, king Eric Anundsson was said to have conquered Finland, with several other eastern countries.
  3. The Saga of Harald Fairhair relates that it was first conquered by the Swedish king Eirik Eymundsson ( Erik Anundsson ) who lost it to Harald Fairhair.
  4. Since the preceding king is confirmed as Anund by other sources ( Rimbert and Adam of Bremen ), " Anundsson " is probably the correct form of the patronym.
  5. Thorgny delivered a powerful speech in which he reminded the king of the great Viking expeditions in the East that predecessors such as Erik Anundsson and Bj鰎n had undertaken, without having the hubris not to listen to their men's advice.


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