aore islandの例文


  1. The base is found on the south west side of Aore Island.
  2. The second half is outreach, so the students will leave Aore Island for another destination in the world and share their faith in God.
  3. "' Aore "'is a recently extinct Oceanic language spoken on Aore Island, just off Espiritu Santo Island in Vanuatu.
  4. "' Luganville Seaplane Base "'is a former World War II seaplane base in the Segond Channel between the islands of Espiritu Santo and Aore Island in the New Hebrides Islands.
  5. She then moved to Espiritu Santo to guard against Japanese incursion, but heat and heavy rains plagued this tour of duty . " Maryland " and " Colorado " stood out of Aore Island Harbor in August.


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