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  1. Dei Hamo went to Aorere College, Papatoetoe in the late 1980s where he was first exposed to the hip hop genre.
  2. "' Aorere College "'is a co-educational state secondary school ( years 9 13 ) that was established in 1964 in Papatoetoe, Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand.
  3. Despite narrowly losing the 1B title to Aorere College 11-7 in 2014, Dilworth made history at the start of the 2015 season by beating Onehunga High School 12-10 in the 2015 1A promotion match.
  4. Tamaki College won the Girls Premier First XIII Grand Final, St Pauls College won the under-85 kg Jack Fagan Cup and Aorere College won the under 15, 9-a-side Graham Lowe Cup.
  5. After attending Aorere College in Mangere, Pullan received a scholarship to the University of Auckland where he studied mathematics before moving to the engineering school to work on biomedical engineering finite-element models of the heart and models of electrical activity in the gastrointestinal tract.


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