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  1. Thus when we " perceive " ( either thoughts or external objects ) we " apperceive " those objects through the lens of past experience.
  2. The ideas powerful enough to break through to the conscious formed the apperceiving mass, or a congregation of similar and related ideas dominating the conscious at any given moment.
  3. Expounding upon Leibniz s concept of petites apperceptions and the idea of apperception, Herbart believed the apperceiving mass to be crucial in selecting similar ideas from down in the unconscious to join its forces in the conscious.
  4. Brunetti was invited to re-create this piece as part the 2011 Jeffrey Deitch and Aaron Rose, who apperceived the installation as a generator of interesting dialogue about street art and its colloquial impression . ..
  5. The motivation to add Cognitive Computing in IoT systems is for apperceiving conditions and knowledge of IoT networks in order to elicit intelligent decisions; adaptive actions for the maximized performance of the IoT network and / or systems.


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