1. I'm sure you don't and I apperciate that, but the point I was trying to make was that no one has really actually looked at the article.
  2. They may not return until they are older, more mature, and able to apperciate why they got " spanked ", but they is actually what we want in a case like that!
  3. I want to add pics to both this one and the Ruolle one, but checking on copy rights-any who . 1st, anyone intersted in Italian fashion designers will appreciate the additional info contained within the article about the pucci Roman salon-it is also written in a great context to other fashion topics too, like Battistioni which has no info on wikipedia, people into fashion will apperciate that . 2nd, there is a nice tie in to give some Visagoth info as well-which is also useful info for Wikipedia.


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