apricot juiceの例文


  1. Beverages could also depend on holidays such as during Ramadan, where carob, tamarind and apricot juices are consumed at sunset.
  2. When their return, they will be recommended to have hot and potassium-rich drinks such as peach or apricot juices, he said.
  3. Coffee is about 30 cents a cup, Tiger beer 50 cents, and a glass of salted apricot juice _ which tastes a lot better than it sounds _ 30 cents.
  4. P . S . The slow-food movement is about savoring the joyous journey of food from farm to bowl to plate to taste buds, and Slow Food USA is hosting events at Copia this weekend, while the cherries are ripe and apricot juice is dribbling down the chmnc of shoppers smart enough to take advantage of the season.


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