apricot marmaladeの例文


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  1. A handful of shops in their Upper West Side neighborhood began carrying the orange-apricot marmalade.
  2. A little apricot marmalade, though, is nice.
  3. She has studied for the last four years, and her passion for Robert Schumann is almost as strong as her passion for the homemade orange-apricot marmalade that started her career.
  4. In one episode, they explored the way that a new Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor was developed by creating the Apricot Marmalade flavor ( to match the " AM " initials ).
  5. They went from making and bottling orange-apricot marmalade in the kitchen of their Upper West Side apartment in Manhattan to the owners of an award-winning company that includes three restaurants and employs 75 people.


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