apricot pcの例文


  1. It was used in the Apricot PC and the Intel Multibus iSBC-215 Hard disk drive controller.
  2. Its success led to the Apricot PC or ACT Apricot in September 1983, based on an Intel 8086 microprocessor running at 4.77 MHz.
  3. MS-DOS on the Apricot PC assigns letters to hard drives, starting with "'A : "', before considering floppy drives.
  4. Microsoft Word and Multiplan were supplied with the Apricot PC . Lotus 123 was also available, and took advantage of the machine's high-resolution graphics.
  5. In the late 80s, he worked on the development of an early IBM PC clone, the Apricot PC . It was sold under the name Programmers Development Systems Ltd ., a company founded with Jacqui Lyons and Fouad Katan.


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