apricot pinkの例文


  1. The apricot pink inflorescences are produced in clusters at the end of the branches.
  2. The cider is an apricot pink and smells like fresh apple skins and spice.
  3. The garden supports as many as sixteen different varieties of bougainvillea, including : Mrs Butt ( scarlet ), Alton Downs ( pinkish red ), Louise Waltham ( apricot pink ) and Thomasii ( deep pink ).
  4. It isn't always the heady fragrance of her beloved roses : Abraham Darby, a densely petaled, apricot pink; Reine de Violette, whose flattish blossoms are the color of grape juice; the 12-foot high climber Othello, which can sport 14 magenta flowers at a time and blooms again in late summer.


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