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  1. They are often used with rhubarb, dried ginger and apricot seed.
  2. An archaeological excavation at Garni in Armenia found apricot seeds in an Eneolithic-era site.
  3. The term used " laetrile " is actually incorrect because that's referring to the injectable pharmaceutical form of Amygdalin, not the extract from the apricot seed.
  4. Laetrile advocates in the United States include Dean Burk, a former chief chemist of the National Cancer Institute cytochemistry laboratory, and national arm wrestling champion Jason Vale, who claimed that his pancreatic cancers were cured by eating apricot seeds.
  5. Federal health officials warned Internet users Wednesday to beware of a concoction made of apricot seeds that's touted as a cancer cure, as a Florida court case became the government's latest attempt to quell a resurgence of laetrile.


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