armchair travellerの例文


  1. As having a reputation for its extensive collection of maps it is claimed to be " an essential first port of call for adventure and armchair travellers alike ".
  2. In 2012 he published a travel book, " An Armchair Traveller's History of Istanbul, " which takes a similar approach to the Turkish and Byzantine city where Tillinghast has spent considerable time for over fifty years.
  3. From here one can distinguish what we mean anthropologically by " nomadic "  from our metaphorical usage of it critically and theoretically to describe the shiftings and migrations occurring in a global civilization . . . . Paradoxically, this logic proceeds to make the couch potato or armchair traveller a potentially formidable player of nomadism ."
  4. Like " Finding Ireland " and " An Armchair Traveller's History of Istanbul, " " Journeys " is a book about place or more specifically, places, ranging as it does among countries and cities where he has lived and traveled : his native city of Memphis and the state of Tennessee; Ireland; Venice; Iran, Afghanistan and India; London; the western United States; and Hawaii.
  5. During his travels he noted that tourists were the main consumers of the views of Italy, but armchair travellers bought scenes from other parts of the world in the hope of obtaining a true record, " far beyond anything that is in the power of the most accomplished artist to transfer to his canvas . " These words express the ambitious goal that Frith set for himself when he departed on his first trip to the Nile Valley in 1856.


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