arrow markingの例文


  1. Jill Tabor, the club's secretary, said about the wooden arrow marking a crucial turnoff.
  2. Many arrow markings were removed during World War II, to prevent aiding enemy bombers in navigation, while 19 updated beacons still remain in service in Montana.
  3. It has a scaly upper breast, lacking the chestnut of its relatives, and the rest of the underparts are buff with dark arrow markings on the flanks.
  4. Post-embolization, with the solid red arrow marking the embolized stump of the aberrant obturator artery, and hollow red arrow indicating the intact anastomosis of the inferior-epigastric artery to the dorsal penile artery.
  5. There was the felon s brand of the  broad arrow impressed on the soil by every footstep & the nails in the soles of your boots and shoes were hammered in an arrow shape, so that whatever ground you trod you left traces that Government property had travelled over it .  The broad arrow markings were used until 1922.


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