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  1. In the episode " Arrow on the Doorpost ", Martinez accompanies the Governor to a meeting spot to speak with Rick.
  2. In the episode " Arrow on the Doorpost ", Merle unsuccessfully tries to get the prison group to attack the Governor after fighting Glenn.
  3. It was directed by David Boyd, who previously directed the season 3 episode " Arrow on the Doorpost " and served as the director of photography on the series during the first two seasons.
  4. In the episode " Arrow on the Doorpost, " Merle wants to kill the Governor during his meeting with Rick, but Glenn gets into a brawl with Merle to keep him from leaving the prison.
  5. In the episode " Arrow on the Doorpost ", Milton accompanies The Governor to a peace summit, in which the Governor and Rick Grimes are to come to peaceful compromise between Woodbury and the Prison.


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