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  1. San Carlos Police Chief Art Jackson did not return phone calls seeking comment.
  2. Art Jackson, Director of the Downtown Development Authority, said the game time and status of both teams is a merchant's dream.
  3. Art Jackson, 78, collapsed on Toronto's bench just as he was being introduced during the ceremony that honored the top 25 players in Maple Leafs history and later died.
  4. St . Michael's featured the likes of Bobby Bauer, Reg Hamilton, Art Jackson, Regis ( Pep ) Kelly, Nick Metz, Don Wilson, Mickey Drouillard, goaltenders Harvey Teno and Jack Hamilton.
  5. Mobley, known as Art Jackson during his morning radio show, raised the questions after a series of articles in August by the " San Jose Mercury News " suggested that a CIA-supported drug ring introduced cocaine to Los Angeles street gangs during the 1980s.


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