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  1. Captain Arturo Prat Base is a Chilean Antarctic research base located on Greenwich Island.
  2. Much further away is Captain Arturo Prat Base, also Chilean, 50 km to the west.
  3. Some of the buildings are among historically important sites and under protection, such as the Chilean Captain Arturo Prat Base's wooden cross and a Statue of Our Lady of the Carmel.
  4. The Chilean Antarctic Expedition of 1947, under the command of Captain Federico Guesalaga Toro, decided to rename the name " Bah韆 Chile " as the site of Chile's first permanent Antarctic base, Base Soberan韆, now Capit醤 Arturo Prat Base.
  5. Poisson Hill was charted by the 1947 Chilean Antarctic Expedition and named after Sub-Lieutenant Maurice Poisson who signed the official act of inauguration of Arturo Prat Base in 1947, while Angamos Hill was named after that expedition's transport ship " Angamos ".


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