arturo puricelliの例文


  1. Ra鷏 Alfons韓, who was running for president for the Radical Civic Union ( UCR ), denounced an agreement between the military and the 1983 presidential election, and Peronist Arturo Puricelli was elected governor of Santa Cruz.
  2. Her successor at the Defense Ministry, Arturo Puricelli, was nominated by the president on May 30, 2013 to succeed her as Security Minister; she in turn was nominated as Argentine Representative to the Organization of American States.
  3. In 2011 the Argentine Defence minister, Arturo Puricelli, stated that the Falkland Islanders were kept as " hostages " on the islands and later suggested that the British military " is the only element that upholds the usurpation of that part of our national territory ".
  4. One source has described Montoto's list of close friends as  tainted by controversy : in addition to Scioli, Firmenich, and the late Rodolfo Galimberti, another ex-Montonero who became a businessman, he maintains close friendships with media entrepreneur Daniel Hadad and consultant Alejandra Rafuls, who is responsible for his press relations .  Another source, however, has stated that Montoto's relationship with Garre has not been as friendly as his relationships with former Defense Ministers Jos?Pampuro and Arturo Puricelli, and that, by the same token, he is not as close to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner as he was to Menem and Nestor Kirchner.


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