asebe teferiの例文


  1. Project Harar operates mainly in the Oromia Region, including the zones of Mirab ( West ) Hararghe which take in the towns of Harar and Asebe Teferi.
  2. During their five years administration, the Italians returned the seat of the Chercher province to Gelemso ( which was moved first to " Kunni ", then to Asebe Teferi or Chiro by the Haile Selassie officials ) and made valuable change on its urban customs.
  3. But when it became the capital of Habro " Awraja " up on the splitting up of the former Chercher Awraja to Habro and Chercher-Adal-Gara Guracha Awrajas ( Chiro or Asebe Teferi remained the latter's capital ) in the year 1968 and afterwards, some improvements were made.
  4. Gelemso stayed under a period of dwarfism and stagnancy in the reign of " Ras Teferi Mekonnen " ( latter Emperor Haile Selassie I ) who had special sympathy for another town established in the Chercher highlands and named for his honor Asebe Teferi ( which mean " Teferi wished it " in Amharic ).


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