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  1. Ohemaa is married to Isaac Twum-Ampofo and they have three Boys Nyamekye, Nhyira and Aseda.
  2. He married his wife, Joy, in 1986 and they currently have four children : Sompa, Nhyira, Yoofi and Baaba Aseda.
  3. She also helped to create the a digital archive of Aboriginal language material, which became ASEDA . This was during her time as a Visiting Fellow at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies.
  4. Alice Springs : I . A . D . Machine-readable version deposited at ASEDA, AIATSIS, including vocabularies in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet . * bibliographies are included in Austlang, an AIATSIS project
  5. He established Wangka Maya the Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre in the late 1980s, ASEDA, the Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive, in the early 1990s, and co-founded the Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity.


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