asilomar state beachの例文


  1. Asilomar State Beach, adjacent to the reserve, offers a . 75 mile walking trail.
  2. This 18-hole par 72 is located at The Inn at Spanish Bay on 17 Mile Drive near Pacific Grove & Asilomar State Beach.
  3. The then-minister of the church, Paul Sawyer, had met Pranksters'leader Ken Kesey at the annual California Unitarian Church conference at Asilomar State Beach.
  4. "' Asilomar State Beach "'is a state park unit of California, USA, providing public access to rocky coast and dune habitat on the Monterey Peninsula.
  5. Pacific Grove is known for its Victorian homes, Asilomar State Beach, and is also known as " Butterfly Town U . S . A . " for the annual migration of the Monarch butterflies.


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