aspect of the deityの例文


  1. Many also have bynames, some representing different aspects of the deity and others being regional names or epithets.
  2. Before he can act, however, an aspect of the deity known as the Intercessor, supposedly existing only in the virtual reality program and not a part of the " real " world, appears before Morley and removes him from the ship.
  3. The encounter between the heavenly and political, legal aspects of the deity are well represented by the prerogatives, privileges, functions and taboos proper to his " flamen " ( the " flamen Dialis " and his wife, the " flaminica Dialis " ).
  4. Thus victims for public sacrifices were most often domesticated animals that were a normal part of the Roman diet, while offerings of victims the Romans considered inedible, such as horses and puppies, mark a chthonic aspect of the deity propitiated, whether or not the divinity belonged to the underworld entirely.


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