aspect phraseの例文


  1. This particle is taken to convey perfect aspectual meaning, and thus to be the head of an aspect phrase, having the verb phrase as its complement.
  2. Certain restrictions on movement from within verb phrases preceding such a particle are found ( if various other assumptions from the literature are accepted ) to be consistent with the idea that the verb phrase has moved from its underlying position after its head ( the particle " le " here being taken as the head of an aspect phrase ).
  3. Another type is the inflectional phrase, where ( for example ) a finite verb phrase is taken to be the complement of a functional, possibly covert head ( denoted INFL ) which is supposed to encode the requirements for the verb to aspect, etc . If these factors are treated separately, then more specific categories may be considered : " tense phrase " ( TP ), where the verb phrase is the complement of an abstract " tense " element; " aspect phrase "; " agreement phrase " and so on.


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